Grand Eternal Season

behind the name


There are times we find ourselves doing the same things over and over again, not just in daily life but over the course of our entire lives. Making the same mistakes, choosing the same kind of lovers, being the same person we always have been. Looking back on childhood and being embarrassed of the choices we made, and then making them again. We always think we are smarter than we were.  


The philosophy of eternal return is about how our existences are cyclical and they go on like this for eternity. Doomed and blessed to return to the horrible moments and the excellent times we’ve had. Revisiting these songs that I’ve written over the past decade or more has been like reading a journal of my inner monologue. Singing the words over and over have made me realise that I am still like this. Maybe I think about these things less than I did in my youth but the underlying philosophy is the same. It's hard to imagine Sisyphus happy, but I think sometimes he is. Like when summer turns into fall and the wind starts drying his sweat and the work becomes joyful. 


I’ve made choices in life that deny me the pleasure of enjoying what I work on and what I'm passionate about. I no longer want to do that and this album is a celebration of that.