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Live Shows 2024...




Mr. Goodbar           6/29           w/ Full Band
7pm    Stephen Babcock & Ice Cream Social


Milkies           6/28           w/ Full Band
7pm    Tough Old Bird 



9th ward (Babeville)           4/26           Band
7pm    Tough Old Bird - release show



Electric Avenue           6/3           Solo
7pm    w/ Monsoon





 Past Shows

The Cave           12/21           w/Ken Will
8pm    Koko Neetz / TK Lipps


Mohawk Place           11/2           w/Band
8pm    with Ian Mccuen/ tuesday nite/Adelaide




Rockwood Music Hall          11/10          solo


Jack Rabbit           10/11           w/Band
8pm    with Sara Elizabeth



Nietzsche's           10/19           w/Ken Will on Guitar
8pm   with Desmond Stoll &  JOEYB


Music is Art Festival            9/9           w/Band
4pm    Mammoth Recording Studio Stage


Nietzsche's    9/13      Solo 
8pm with Spiria and Sasha McCoy



Babeville       9/14
Buffalo Music Club String Quartet w/ David Cloyd and Zak Ward



Days Park Tavern 4/29 w/band




Reviews & PRESS for Detritus EP




"Bryan Dubay caught our attention with their new single Lost.  The single is included on Bryan’s new 4 song EP Detritus. 

A solid mix of post punk and indie rock, Lost is a hefty layered arrangement suggesting a vast array of influences.  The jangly guitars collide into a dance ready beat.  With soothing stacked harmonies over an impassioned lead, it’s as if the Smiths or REM were treated with a vocal arrangement known to indie folk acts like Fleet Foxes.  

Lost also has a psych pop appeal known to Tame Impala with subtle surf reflections known to The Thrills.  We just find it collectively juicy, with a sharp mix to tickle your auditory senses. 


The Buffalo buzz artist is worth the hype.  The meticulous songwriter has been writing and then re-sculpting his work in tandem for the last decade.  He’s carving out his own stylistic space in the world of indie, with a lot of semblances to beloved acts heard within his writing and production.  He has an innate understanding of what his music offers and how he wants to present it.  Bryan Dubay is a dangerous man, and he’s on our radar as a rising star flying way too far under the radar."

The Wild Is Calling


"US artist unveils a wonderfully rich and glittering slice of indie-rock gold" - Mystic Sons


"Buffalo’s, Bryan Dubay, drops his indietronica flourishes to maximum effect on this track, as his twinkling acoustic intro slides into a glorious mix of jangly pop rock and fuzz laden Elliott Smith melancholia." - JanglePopHub




"EP called “Detritus”. The title track starts with a guitar strummed, like a folk straight from the 60s, which gradually gains layers. More voices, more instruments, more atmosphere. Soon the song became something grandiose, with distorted guitars and strong beats, everything making sense. Beautiful work." - HeatWaveCombr



“...His sonic deep dive has a spiritual (and instrumental) complexity to it that gives the record a satisfying depth and replay ability...The care he takes with constructing feeling and adventurous music on this EP is matched by a care for thoughtful poetic composition...That is the herculean task of this record, however: facing our fears of death. And Dubay does it with beauty and grace, and his own hard won conclusions on the matter...” - Prism Reviews


A conceptual EP about trying to accept death 

The overall theme and concept of this EP is the seasonality of the acceptance/non-acceptance of death that I think we all cycle through over the course of our lives. This theme is a bit of an extension of Grand Eternal Season (my first album). Where I take the concept of eternal return and apply it to my life. 


“Lost” - Fear of loss of memory and self

Is a song about my fears of dying a slow and painful death. I know a couple people with Huntington’s and their mind goes so far from who they were. The lyrics can be a bit playful at times but the humor just masks the real fear. 

People with these mental diseases often see people that have died in the people that are living and I am stirred by this. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to see your own mother or father call you a dead person's name and you just want them to know it’s you. 


“Deeper Call” - The creation of meaning and goodness. 

By looking at the empty pit of our own non-existence we can see that maybe our situation is completely absurd and meaningless. However I think since we are not imbued with meaning the day we are born, it is up to us to create meaning around us every day. By facing my own death every day I am able to push my self to do good and to create.


“Detritus” - The knowing and acceptance of your own mortality.

 We're just a part of a larger world and death is just a part of a cycle. We can't control it so accept it. By using this knowledge I want to apply it to the rest of my life. Don’t be bogged down by the things in life you can’t control. 


Rebloom - The beauty death creates 

When we die we will go back to the place we were born.. a hospital in a literal sense. But also the earth in a greater sense. I will be gone one day and I hope that I’ve lived a good life and that I’ve treated people well. In the end I want to be thankful for the time that I’ve had and not be bitter that it’s ending. Happy to return the energy that was given to me, to a higher purpose and let something else live in my stead.

Grand Eternal Season

The seasonality of our own existence


There are times we find ourselves doing the same things over and over again, not just in daily life but over the course of our entire lives. Making the same mistakes, choosing the same kind of lovers, being the same person we always have been. Looking back on childhood and being embarrassed of the choices we made, and then making them again. We always think we are smarter than we were.  


The philosophy of eternal return is about how our existences are cyclical and they go on like this for eternity. Doomed and blessed to return to the horrible moments and the excellent times we’ve had. Revisiting these songs that I’ve written over the past decade or more has been like reading a journal of my inner monologue. Singing the words over and over have made me realise that I am still like this. Maybe I think about these things less than I did in my youth but the underlying philosophy is the same. It's hard to imagine Sisyphus happy, but I think sometimes he is. Like when summer turns into fall and the wind starts drying his sweat and the work becomes joyful. 


I’ve made choices in life that deny me the pleasure of enjoying what I work on and what I'm passionate about. I no longer want to do that and this album is a celebration of that.